Geological Storage of CO2

Course Summary

This course provides participants with understanding of geological subsurface CO2 storage volumetrics, CO2 flow in the subsurface away from injector wells, the objective of permanent and safe storage of CO2. It also covers the key issues of reservoir depth, well design, reservoir lithology, reservoir quality, and reservoir architecture. Issues of mineral dissolution under different reservoir conditions are considered.

Course: EC004


Course Details

Learning outcomes

  1. Build awareness of the clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks that can be used to store CO2
  2. Consider the volumetrics of CO2 storage and storage efficiency
  3. Consider the effects of mineral dissolution by CO2 under different reservoir conditions
  4. Be aware of issues encountered in the development of CCS projects

Course content

  • CO2 storage volumes and controls on porosity in sandstone reservoirs
  • CO2 storage volumes and controls on porosity in carbonate reservoirs
  • The risk and rate of mineral dissolution due to CCS, with a focus on calcite in sandstones and limestones
  • CO2 storage efficiency


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