Back to the field...2022 round up

The end of October signified the end of a busy, successful and safe field season having run 20 field courses in different locations that included France, Ireland, Spain, and the United States (California, Colorado, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming).

1st December 2022

We were delighted to see such great interest and enthusiasm from our clients to get back into the field to obverse, study, and “taste” the rocks after the pandemic hiatus.

The 2022 field season also provided a great opportunity for our newest team members to either go through their H&S field training induction or, for those already inducted, use their new skills on their first solo assignments as RPS field representatives. For our seasoned field representatives, it was their chance to polish their unique skills.



Thoughts and photos from the field...

  • N544a22F: Source to Sink: Provenance, Sediment Routing and Reservoir Characterisation (Southern Pyrenees, Spain)

    01 /06
    N544a22f Southern Pyrenees, Spain
  • RPS Field Representative, Maybe Martinez, was inducted on N042a22F: Reservoir Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Coastal and Shelfal Successions: Deltas, Shorelines and Origins of Isolated Sandstones (NW Colorado, USA)

    I would consider this course as a life experience, I feel I grew personally and professionally. I’m glad to have this opportunity of constant development in RPS Training”.

    02 /06
    N042a22f Maybe Field Rep
  • N364a22F: Fracture Architecture, Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Organic-rich Mudstones of Ancient Upwelling Zones with Application to Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (California, USA)

    03 /06
    N364a22f DP IMG 0343
  • RPS Field Representative, Chantal de Savigny-Bower, was inducted on I432a22F: Clastic Reservoir Characterisation for Appraisal and Development (Southern Pyrenees, Spain)

    “I was very grateful for the opportunity of my first field training course since joining RPS, Clastic Reservoirs Characterisation for Appraisal and Development, led by Stephanie Kape and Gary Nichols. A fantastic week spent in the Southern Pyrenees with great people, awesome geology, insightful teaching, and wonderful food!”

    04 /06
    I432a22f Field Rep Chantal De Savigny Bower
  • RPS Field Representative, Monica Estrada, was inducted earlier in the year and had her first solo assignment during N442a22F: Reservoir Architecture of Deepwater Systems (California, USA)

    “N442, my first course to Rep alone, was a wonderful experience; I felt prepared from my training, the locations were beautiful, and the people were great!

    05 /06
  • RPS Field Representative, Conall Cromie, on I252a22F: Reservoir Geology of Deepwater Systems: Processes, Architecture and Reservoir Quality Analysis (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, SE France)

    06 /06
    I252a22f Field Rep Conall

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