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Our expertise brings flexible and scalable solutions from a diverse energy portfolio in the design, development of technical content and knowledge-based programs delivered by expert instructors.

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N544a22f Southern Pyrenees, Spain

Back to the field...2022 round up

1st December 2022

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NTA 2023 Trimmed

2023 NTA Training Program Launch

10th November 2022

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Ccs Elearning

They're here - our new Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) self-paced e-learning courses

11th October 2022

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They're here - our new Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) self-paced e-learning courses

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Course spotlight - new for 2023 - energy transition

  • N577a: Outcrop Analogues for CO2 Storage

    Participants on this field-class will gain an understanding of the how outcrops along the Devon and Dorset coast can be applied as analogues for the geology of some major CCS projects including Hynet (Hamilton), Endurance, Acorn/Goldeneye, and East Mey.

    Instructors: Howard Johnson and Richard Worden

    Devon and Dorset, UK | 11-15 Sep 2023

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    01 /03
  • N580a: Exploration and Development of Deep Aquifer Geothermal for Direct Heat Use

    Direct use geothermal has the potential to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of heating and cooling. For geothermal to become a more widely used sustainable resource will require an acute awareness of the uncertainties and risks associated with the exploration and exploitation of them. Participants will gain an appreciation of the entire lifecycle of developing direct use geothermal resources.

    Instructor: Mark Ireland

    Virtual classroom | 11-15 Sep 2023

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    02 /03
  • N579a: Understanding Faults and Fault Rupture – Applications to Fluid Trapping, Pressure Containment, and Induced Seismicity for Hydrocarbons and CCS

    This course provides an analysis-level treatment of fault geometry, characterization of trap effectiveness, and assessment of rupture hazard with application to hydrocarbon exploration, reservoir development and management, fluid pressure containment analysis for CCS, and induced seismicity hazard assessment.

    Instructors: Peter Hennings and Robert Krantz

    Utah, USA | 16-20 Oct 2023

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    03 /03