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Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to develop the competencies and capability of their workforce through integrated learning that supports their roles and promotes individual development driving organisational excellence.

Our expertise brings flexible and scalable solutions from a diverse energy portfolio in the design, development of technical content and knowledge-based programs delivered by expert instructors.

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  • N663a: Introduction to Green Hydrogen

    This course enables non-technical attendees to acquire sufficient awareness and understanding to support technical and commercial staff working in green hydrogen production, transport, storage and use.

    Instructor: Sandy Petrie

    Virtual | 22-23 May 2024

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    01 /04
    Green Hydrogen
  • N923a: Modelling of Reservoir Structure and Fractures

    This course provides a practical, integrated approach to characterising, classifying, analysing and modelling natural fractures. It uses lectures, modelling software and field examples to deliver an understanding of...

    Instructors: Tim Wynn & Ed Stephens

    Field class | Somerset, UK | 16-20 September 2024

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    02 /04
  • N592a: Well Engineering for CO2 Storage Applications

    This course covers the design specifics of CO2 injection wells. Such wells may be existing or new wells that need to be designed with the challenges of CO2 injection in mind...

    Instructor: Jonathan Bellarby

    Virtual | 23-27 September 2024

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    03 /04
  • N670a: Fluvial and Coastal Clastic Depositional Environments

    This course provides hands-on experience with a variety of modern, clastic reservoir geobody types that provide calibration points for accurate facies and reservoir models and allow for more targeted exploration...

    Instructor: Anton Wroblewski

    Field class | Texas Gulf Coast, USA | 28 Oct - 01 Nov 2024

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    04 /04

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