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Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to develop the competencies and capability of their workforce through integrated learning that supports their roles and promotes individual development driving organisational excellence.

Our expertise brings flexible and scalable solutions from a diverse energy portfolio in the design, development of technical content and knowledge-based programs delivered by expert instructors.

Diversifying our portfolio to support the drive to net-zero carbon...

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Ccs Elearning

Coming soon - our new Foundation Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) self-paced e-learning

27th July 2022

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CO2 Forest Hero

Common myths about Carbon Capture and Storage

10th June 2022

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E Learning Landscape

How remote learning provides the flexibility and adaptability needed in the energy sector

19th May 2022

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Course spotlight

  • N073a: Integration of Sedimentology, Petrophysics and Seismic Interpretation for Exploration and Production of Carbonate Systems

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of necessary concepts for seismic interpretation in carbonate systems for successful exploration and production.

    Dates: 12-22 September 2022

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    01 /04
    Cover Picture
  • N544a: Source to Sink: Provenance, Sediment Routing and Reservoir Characterisation (Southern Pyrenees, Spain) - new course for 2022

    This course facilitates integration of multi-disciplinary teams in solving basin-scale, reservoir-focussed problems.

    Dates: 19-23 September 2022

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    02 /04
    544 Pyrenees Spain
  • N553a: Monitoring Geologic CO2 Storage Sites

    Attendees will be guided through the life-cycle of a CO2 storage project with an emphasis on technical considerations, key concepts, processes, and workflows of the permitting process. Focus will be on providing applicable skills to real-world project development.

    Dates: 27-29 September 2022

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    03 /04
    CCUS Facility
  • N442a: Reservoir Architecture of Deepwater Systems (California, USA)

    Participants will learn to describe cores, integrate core and well-log information with seismic to generate high-resolution environment of deposition maps of reservoirs in different settings. Engineering data are used to demonstrate how to improve prediction of reservoir performance. Cores, well-logs and seismic examples are compared to and contrasted with outcrops to help participants to extrapolate 2D outcrop information to 3D views of reservoir scale depositional systems.

    Dates: 24-28 October 2022

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    04 /04
    442 California USA