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  • N575a: From Sub-Seismic Faults to Rift Basins: Exploration, Appraisal, and Production Insights (Gulf of Corinth, Greece)

    This course integrates field observations from the active rift system in the Gulf of Corinth directly with subsurface understanding and uncertainty across exploration, appraisal, and production workflows.

    Instructor: Douglas Paton

    Field course | 02-06 October

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    01 /04
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  • N940a: Modern Completion and Production Enhancement Techniques

    Participants on this course will derive an understanding of wells and completions, allowing for more accurate production performance assessments, as well as better risk mitigation and management.

    Instructors Jonathan Bellarby

    Classroom| Stavanger, Norway |16-20 October

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    02 /04
  • N401a: Multi-Disciplinary Skills for Field Development Planning and Approval

    This course presents in detail the technical and commercial influences on Field Development Planning within the global oil and gas industry. It demonstrates the need for understanding field development choices on resource size, facility choices, size and cost.

    Instructor: Pete Smith

    Virtual | 16-26 October

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    03 /04
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  • N590a: Geomechanics for CCS Projects

    The course will begin with a review of potential geomechanical effects in CCS projects and the evidences for their possibility.  It will then cover some core elements of geomechanics and draw the link between geomechanical and permeability changes, as indicated from laboratory experiments and from well tests, with its key consequences for CCS.

    Instructors: Kes Heffer, Nick Koutsabeloulis

    Virtual | 23-26 October

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    04 /04