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Our expertise brings flexible and scalable solutions from a diverse energy portfolio in the design, development of technical content and knowledge-based programs delivered by expert instructors.

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  • N058a: Reservoir Characterization and Geostatistical Modeling; A Data Analytical Approach to Practical Geospatial Reservoir Mapping

    This course delivers expertise in the applied geostatistical methods that are essential for effective modern reservoir characterization and modeling.

    Instructor: Jeffrey Yarus

    Virtual | 5-15 June 2023

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    01 /04
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  • N483a: Deepwater Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis from Seismic, Well Data and Outcrops

    This course focuses on the stratigraphic interpretation of deepwater depositional systems with emphasis on utilising practical workflows for mapping, predicting, and quantifying deepwater reservoirs.

    Instructor: Mike Mayall

    Virtual | 6-15 June 2023

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    02 /04
  • N343a: Depositional Evolution of the GOM Sedimentary Basin

    This course explores the stratigraphic and structural history of the Gulf of Mexico, from foundational tectonic influences through the evolution from rift to divergent margin.

    Instructor: John Snedden

    Classroom course | Houston, USA | 13-15 June 2023

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    03 /04
  • N009a: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Reservoir Geology of Deepwater Clastic Systems

    Participants on this course will learn to appreciate the sedimentology and stratigraphy of deepwater systems and apply this understanding to the prediction of reservoir presence, quality, distribution, and architecture.

    Instructor: Andy Pulham

    Field course | County Clare, Ireland | 15-19 July 2023

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    04 /04
    009 2021