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Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to develop the competencies and capability of their workforce through integrated learning that supports their roles and promotes individual development driving organizational excellence.

Our expertise brings flexible and scalable solutions from a diverse energy portfolio in the design, development of technical content and knowledge-based programs delivered by expert instructors.

Diversifying our portfolio to support the drive to net-zero carbon...

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  • D531: Shelf Processes, Deposits, and Hazards for the Energy Industry

    This course will provide critical understanding and hands-on skills for participants working in areas where shelf processes and deposits impact the design and maintenance of wind energy and communications emplacements or success in drilling exploration and development wells.

    Virtual course: 13-16 December 2021

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    Energy Industry Offshore OPT
  • D997: Applied Reservoir Engineering

    Participants will develop the skills to add value by accurately assessing recoverable volumes, enhancing hydrocarbon recovery, and developing more robust reservoir simulation models.

    Virtual course: 6-17 December 2021

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