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How remote learning provides the flexibility and adaptability needed in the energy sector

19th May 2022

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First paper publication - congratulations Conall!

5th May 2022

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463 Wyoming RPS

RPS - getting participants back into the field

19th April 2022

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  • N530a: Shore to Shelf Edge Depositional Systems (Virtual Outcrops) - new course for 2022

    This course is designed to address the fundamentals of shelf sedimentology within a time stratigraphic framework. In addition to ‘classic’ lowstand, transgressive, and highstand systems, we will also review transgressive highstand deposits and the influence of current and tidal reworking of shelf clastics.

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    01 /04
    Shore Shelf Cretaceous Utah (1)
  • N364a: Fracture Architecture, Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Organic-rich Mudstones of Ancient Upwelling Zones with Application to Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (California, USA)

    This course uses the Monterey Formation as a natural laboratory to understand the origin, distribution and physical properties of biogenic, organic-rich mudrocks as well as the relationship between mechanical stratigraphy and fracture distribution in layered rocks. Participants will learn to distinguish types of siliceous, calcareous/dolomitic, phosphatic and organic-rich rocks and understand relationships between composition, diagenesis, bedding and fracture architecture to enhance prediction of reservoir properties.

    Dates: 17-21 July 2022

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    02 /04
    364 California USA
  • N989a: Unconventional Reservoir Rate-Transient Analysis

    This course provides petroleum engineers and geoscientists with a comprehensive review of rate-transient analysis (RTA) methods as applied to unconventional reservoirs such as shale. Throughout the course, practical application of RTA methods is illustrated using field cases.

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    03 /04
  • N232a: Salt Tectonics: Global Styles, Spanish Outcrops (Basque-Cantabrian Pyrenees, Spain)

    Participants will develop an understanding of global salt tectonics and its practical application to petroleum exploration, production, and storage.

    Dates: 5-9 September 2022

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    04 /04
    232 Spain