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The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is our bespoke learning platform where learners can log in to access their training from their laptop, mobile or tablet computer. We have developed a unique modular architecture to enable delivery that meets the expectations of modern learners. Promoting access to exclusive materials and content; including, 3D models, interactive guides, videos and assessments, all fully customised to meet client specifications or needs.


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Customised and flexible solutions


Build customised, hybrid skill sets

By making it easier to gain tangible skills, content can be tailored to match individual needs or cross-disciplinarily teams which require hybrid skill-sets.


Blended learning

Offering ultimate flexibility; introductory subject matter can be made available online, allowing greater focus on more complex topics to be covered in the classroom.


Subject disciplines

Areas of knowledge have been divided into learning modules. Modules can be assembled to build tailored courses which meet specific requirements of an organisation.


Self-paced e-learning

Accessed online via the RPS Learning Hub, each module comprises 60 to 90 minutes of learning time, including self-assessment elements.

Social and collaborative learning

Social and collaborative learning sit at the heart of the Learning Hub. A range of forum types, interactive discussion areas and collaborative tools allow facilitating communication between different teams or geographically dispersed groups a simple task.

Collaborative activities such as group spaces and scenario based discussions with learners, tap into individual expertise and organisational excellence to foster social learning.

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Building performance in the flow of work

Integrated technology spotlight

  • Amanote

    Taking class notes in the digital classroom age can become a clunky and idle process where notes are easily misplaced on paper or in app form, whilst learning materials are stored separately in a pdf or online form.

    Amanote addresses this by allowing learners to annotate directly on the class slides and to take notes in a digital format using a tablet and stylus or keyboard and mouse. This functionality and storage are built directly into the Learning Hub meaning there’s no need to download apps or store the notes elsewhere away from the learning materials.

    To refresh your knowledge, simply navigate back to the course page, open up your notes and the materials and your personal notes will be there together. You can think of it as a sort of digital bookshelf of learning materials.

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  • Cameyo

    Cameyo provides cloud based access to software and applications that our learners may not have access to from their remote location, or have issues with locally installed applications due to the internal I.T. policy.

    Again, accessed through the Learning Hub, Cameyo opens a secure browser window into the specified software, allowing the learner to operate the platform as they would as if it were installed locally. And because all the processing and software-use is done in the cloud, there’s no need for a user’s local computer to be of high spec or for a high bandwidth internet connection. This allows our instructors to focus on the training and not get bogged down in software issues.

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  • Vevox

    Through Vevox our instructors can deploy a range of live polling types for instant engagement and feedback. Results can be published to the class, or kept private to use as a gauge as to how the course is going, or what types of content need to covered in more detail.  

    Vevox can be accessed through a browser with the simple class ID or on your mobile phone by scanning a QR code. And the advantage here is that all interactions can be anonymous or identified allowing everyone in the group an opportunity to be heard.

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Technology and digitalisation


Distance learning

Structured on-line courses comprised of webinars and digital training materials provided through the RPS Energy Learning Hub.

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Self-paced e-learning

Reimagining how technical learning is delivered by unbundling courses and building non-linear, modular career and education pathways.

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3D County Clare

3D visualisation

Immersive content, including 3D models, 360 imagery, VR and AR are rapidly becoming commonplace throughout the L&D industry.

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