Oil and gas

Detailed and practical training across the asset life cycle from exploration, appraisal, development through to production.

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Across the asset lifecycle



Training you to evaluate plays to optimise oil and gas exploration, both onshore and offshore, giving you a thorough understanding of the technical and commercial landscape.


Appraisal and development

Understanding of the reservoir and making informed choices to guide the optimum development plan, taking into account risks and uncertainties, are crucial steps in reservoir appraisal and development.



From oil field operations, equipment and terminology, to routine functions such as day-to-day production, drilling and well integrity, we cover all bases from the reservoir to the sales point.


Built from a wealth of experience

Our oil and gas training courses are built from a wealth of experience helping individuals in achieving their career aspirations and goals.

They provide a fundamental knowledge base to develop their expertise across the oil and gas asset life cycle.


Course spotlight

  • N345a: Next Generation Earth Modeling; Integrating Geostatistics, Geoscience, Engineering, and Data Science

    This class addresses the application and integration of data analytics to subsurface geomodeling for unconventional resources, including oil, gas, and geothermal.

    Dates: 17-27 October 2022

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    01 /04
    M345 Cover 2014
  • N442a: Reservoir Architecture of Deepwater Systems (California, USA)

    Participants will learn to describe cores, integrate core and well-log information with seismic to generate high-resolution environment of deposition maps of reservoirs in different settings. Engineering data are used to demonstrate how to improve prediction of reservoir performance. Cores, well-logs and seismic examples are compared to and contrasted with outcrops to help participants to extrapolate 2D outcrop information to 3D views of reservoir scale depositional systems.

    Dates: 24-28 October 2022

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    02 /04
    442 California USA
  • N004b: The Essentials of Rock Physics and Seismic Amplitude Interpretation

    This course presents the physical basis for quantitative seismic interpretation within the context of hydrocarbon exploration and production.

    Dates:  28 Nov - 08 Dec 2022

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    03 /04
    D004b21vc Cover Page
  • N522a: Integrated Charge Access Evaluation: The Key to Successful Exploration

    Participants in this course will learn to integrate the basin-wide regional understanding with prospect evaluation principles in order to more accurately quantify resource estimates and risk in any prospect, ultimately drilling fewer dry holes or underfilled traps.

    Dates: 12-16 December 2022

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    04 /04

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