2024 Nautilus Training Alliance (NTA) Program Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 NTA Training Program.

15th November 2023

Our portfolio, offered at all experience levels, covers the entire breadth and depth of the energy mix. Our faculty of independent expert instructors come from a wide variety of technical backgrounds and regional experience that allows RPS to bring world-class expertise to address your skills and training requirements.

2024 NTA Program

Choose from the wide range of courses, in various subject areas and disciplines, learn best practices, and gain hands-on experience that will improve performance.

The NTA 2024 Program is designed with a blend of different delivery modes:

  • 32 Virtual Courses – interactive instructor-led webinar sessions.
  • 16 Field Courses – in the US, UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Portugal and South Africa.
  • 20 Classroom Courses – in the US, Norway, and the UK.
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