Renewable energy

Providing sustainable energy solutions, focusing on offshore wind and geothermal energy.

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Offshore wind

Across the asset lifecycle

As the industry has matured and costs have reduced, new offshore wind markets have begun to emerge. RPS has a long history supporting developers in Offshore Wind – delivering smart solutions to their complex development goals. Our breadth of services allows our teams to sit alongside our clients throughout the asset lifecycle, providing international standard advice.


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Subject areas under development

Resource assessment (wind potential), geotechnical, environmental benchmarking, permitting and consenting, special interests mitigation and engagement, full-cycle economics.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a renewable, continuous and flexible energy source for direct use as heat and/or electricity supply. Resources of geothermal energy can be found worldwide; however, only a fraction of its true potential has been explored due to historical barriers (both technical and non-technical) in the industry.

We support clients to meet the challenges of developing geothermal energy and capitalise on its untapped potential.

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Subject areas under development

Fluid dynamic and thermal modelling, hydrogeology and groundwater modelling, mining hydrology and hydrogeology, geomechanics, subsurface geophysics and modelling, geochemistry, repurposing oil and gas fields for geothermal, well design and full-cycle economics.

Course spotlight

  • D531: Shelf Processes, Deposits, and Hazards for the Energy Industry

    This course will provide critical understanding and hands-on skills for participants working in areas where shelf processes and deposits impact the design and maintenance of wind energy and communications emplacements or success in drilling exploration and development wells.

    Virtual course: 13-16 December 2021

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    Energy Industry Offshore OPT
  • D997: Applied Reservoir Engineering

    Participants will develop the skills to add value by accurately assessing recoverable volumes, enhancing hydrocarbon recovery, and developing more robust reservoir simulation models.

    Virtual course: 6-17 December 2021

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    02 /02

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