Technology and digitalisation

Embracing the latest technologies and integrating adaptable solutions to meet tomorrows learning and development challenges. We set our clients up for success, deliver value on every product and ensure we meet the needs of your business whilst providing the tools to develop each individual, on every team, for organisational excellence.


The digital disruptive world we are now in means the one size fits all course no longer applies. Our focus now is on learning that’s aligned to the business needs of our clients, that are strategic and working with the business stakeholders to understand the value they get from each learning program.

Enabling technology like the learning hub can drive that in a holistic fashion for our clients. By embracing different tools, techniques, services and content types, we can drive each program to deliver, measurably, against each business challenge.

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is our bespoke learning platform where learners can log in to access their training from their laptop, mobile or tablet computer.
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Distance learning

Structured on-line courses comprised of webinars and digital training materials provided through the RPS Energy Learning Hub.
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Self-paced e-learning

Reimagining how technical learning is delivered by unbundling courses and building non-linear, modular career and education pathways.
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3D visualisation

Immersive content, including 3D models, 360 imagery, VR and AR are rapidly becoming commonplace throughout the L&D industry.
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