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Providing energy professionals with field-based training around the globe.

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Field course training benefits

We offer a considerable number of field-based training courses that allows energy professionals to benefit from the value of on-the-ground experience, knowledge from our expert instructors and opportunity to interact with peers from other disciplines and companies.

  • Led by Expert Instructors

    Our subject matter experts have decades of experience in professional settings within the energy sector. They will ensure that the learning outcomes meets your training requirements.

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  • Diverse Field Locations

    Our field courses are delivered in tailored and unique environments in the United States, the UK, Ireland, Spain and many other locations. Experience a diverse range of subjects that include basin analysis, clastics and carbonates, reservoir development, structure and tectonics and unconventional resources to name just a few.

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  • Safety First Always

    By focusing on people, processes and purpose, RPS provides exceptional experiential education practices while setting the standard in the industry for field-based risk management, including more recently, concerns for preventing spread of Covid-19.

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Our field-based training courses combine visiting outcrops with classroom-based study to provide a unique learning environment, in locations across the globe including North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.

Insights: Why field trips are critical to subsurface training

Field trips to outcrops are an important element of training for subsurface professionals in the energy industry. They provide unique learning opportunities for geoscientists and engineers by enhancing their understanding of geological concepts.

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Course spotlight - new for 2023

  • N358a: Fine-Grained Carbonate Reservoirs

    The course will help participants develop a detailed understanding of chalk depositional processes, facies, diagenetic processes and products, and how these are controlled by primary productivity, sea level, local tectonics and other extrinsic factors (e.g. Milankovitch cyclicity). This provides a firm basis for understanding parameters that control reservoir quality in chalk depositional systems, and is applicable throughout the E&P life cycle.

    Instructor: Andy Gale

    Etretat, Northern France | 18-21 Sep 2023

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  • N575a: From Sub-Seismic Faults to Rift Basins: Exploration, Appraisal, and Production Insights

    This course integrates field observations from the active rift system in the Gulf of Corinth directly with subsurface understanding and uncertainty across exploration, appraisal, and production workflows. Central to this is a consideration of the spatial and temporal evolution of normal faults and associated sedimentary systems, and how this is critical across the range of sub-seismic, reservoir, basin, and regional scales.

    Instructor: Douglas Paton

    Gulf of Corinth, Greece | 02-06 Oct 2023

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  • N576a: Reservoir Modelling and the Application of Outcrop Analogues

    The course will use outcrop analogues from eastern Utah to describe workflows for better, facies-based reservoir modelling and illustrate why this matters with subsurface case studies. The course will visit classic outcrop sections, many of which have well logs and cores behind the cliffs allowing us to close the gap between outcrop and subsurface data. The concepts will be illustrated with reservoir models built from the outcrops. Virtual outcrops will also be available to enhance the understanding and integrate modern analogues.

    Instructor: John Howell

    Utah, US | 02-06 Oct 2023

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  • N574a: Submarine Fan Architecture from the Upper Slope to the Distal Basin Floor: Implications for Reservoir Distribution and Development

    A central theme of the course will be an exploration of the links between sedimentological processes and facies distributions within the seismic-scale depositional architecture of these submarine fans. The outcrops have been the focus of two decades of research and as such, the concepts presented are cutting-edge, and the scale of the systems visited means learnings can be exportable.

    Instructors: Dave Hodgson and De Ville Wickens

    Southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa | 16-20 Oct 2023

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