Capability and capacity development

Enhancing capability and building capacity in client organisations.


Building oganisational capability and capacity

As an independent multidisciplinary training management company working with the world’s leading Energy companies for over thirty years we have built unrivalled knowledge and experience of industry best practice across all areas of business and have in many cases contributed to its development.

We are able to bring this knowledge and experience to bear for the benefit of our clients and specifically in the area of training and staff development this allows us to advise and work with our clients against the background of our understanding of the requirements and objectives of world class organisations in this industry sector.

We are able to offer services from the strategic and planning level, through the development and strengthening of specific functions or departments within a client, to the end delivery of training itself.


Defining competency goals

Training and staff development are acknowledged to be enhanced by structuring these activities against the assessment and achievement of defined competency goals. Through our practical knowledge of the processes within an Energy company we work to place these activities within a management framework ensuring the development of staff is aligned to the achievement of objectives and that results are measurable and visible. Working with management within a client to align strategy with effective and targeted staff development to realise tangible results enhances the client’s ability to meet its business objectives.


Independent consultancy

As an independent consultancy we will always work with a client to ensure that its training and development objectives are met, whether through training and services we supply or those which we source and manage from third parties. Through our international operations we have a worldwide understanding of the many accreditations and standards which exist in the energy industry around the world and are able to offer clients impartial advice on their applicability to specific situations and ensure they are aligned with the requirements of their business.

Our Clients

Case study example

A gap analysis evaluation was undertaken of the current capabilities of a NOC to support development of their long-term exploration and production business plan. Principal outcomes were:

  • New organisational plan proposed to best address the challenge of implementing the long-term company vision
  • Proposal to establish and implement a project management development process where projects progress through defined stage gate decision points
  • To develop a strategy for further defining the optimum approach to maximise value from new ventures, leveraging international best practice and expertise