Organisational development

Fully customised training and integrated development solutions, aligned with the needs and goals of an organisation.


Building organisational capability and capacity

We have worked with the world’s leading Energy companies for over twenty years, and during that time we have built unrivaled knowledge and experience of industry best practice across all areas of business and have in many cases contributed to its development.

We bring this knowledge and experience to bear for the benefit of our clients, specifically in the area of training and staff development.

We are able to offer services from the strategic and planning level, through the development and strengthening of specific functions or departments within a client, to the end delivery of training itself.


Organisational development solutions

  • Integrated capability development programs

    An innovative modular training solution that makes the complex task of training professional staff across a range of technical areas easy.

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    01 /03
    Integrated Learning Tech 2
  • Inhouse training

    Developing high performance technical TEAMS through tailored training events.

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    02 /03
    Customised Inhouse OPT
  • Nautilus Training Alliance membership

    Virtual instructor led courses timetabled to provide a global program which has the benefit of increasing the number of topics available in some subject areas and creating more distributed learning schedule.

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    03 /03
    Nautilus (1)

Against the background of industry demographics and technological advances the development of the human capital within an organisation is one of the key challenges faced by most businesses in the energy industry, we believe that having an independent partner committed to developing the capabilities within a client’s organisation, at all levels, is intrinsic to long term success.

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Organisational development

Fully customised training and integrated development solutions, aligned with the needs and goals of an organisation.

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