Neurodiversity at RPS: Connor’s Story

Connor King, one of our Geoscience Technical Assistants and RPS Field Representatives, shares his experience of living with Dyspraxia and his aim to educate and help others with similar conditions.

13th October 2023

Connor has lived with Dyspraxia his whole life but despite this, it’s never slowed him down from pursuing geology and diving into his passions!

Having gained his geology degree at Plymouth University, followed by an MSc at UCL, he joined the RPS Energy Training team as a Geoscience Technical Assistant in 2022.

Not only has he brought his geological knowledge to the company but is also committed to raising awareness of Dyspraxia, and other neurodiverse conditions. Connor is part of the RPS Neurodivergent Alliance Group and works hard to raise awareness and spread positive messages. The Neurodivergent Alliance Group highlights different employees across RPS with neurodiverse conditions and gives them the spotlight to tell their stories.

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Connor's story
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