Carbon Management and Gas Transition

Capability development for the energy sector

Major national and international energy companies are diversifying their portfolio into low carbon energy sources. This presents new technical challenges for the companies and for the individuals within them, requiring development of new skills.

Decarbonisation of energy resources requires management of greenhouse gas emissions and development of carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies. These themes have strong adjacency to existing expertise in oil and gas companies and require a transition of skills and expertise to achieve them.

CCS projects now feature in a large number of energy companies and organisations worldwide. To meet the demand for the development of skills and knowledge relevant to CCS a significant expansion of the provision of relevant training is required by the industry. This includes:

  • Awareness level courses that provide key background technical and commercial information to non-specialists.
  • Skills transition courses that focus on the application of conceptual and technical approaches used in hydrocarbon exploration and production to the storage and utilisation of carbon dioxide.
  • Specialist topics and techniques for CCS.

Diversifying our portfolio to support the drive to net-zero carbon...

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Meeting the demand for the development of skills and knowledge relevant to CCS.

CCS Curriculum, istructor led and self-paced e-learning courses

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