Competency analysis and development

Workforce competency profiling and skills gap analysis.

Competency Definition and Assessment

We can work with clients’ existing competency management systems or manage the implementation of new systems, refine competency definitions, define competency schema, skills matrices and questionnaires, implement robust management procedures and provide effective reporting. We have access to a range of tools to assist in the definition of schema that fit an organisations objectives and assessors experienced in the energy sector. We ensure that assessments are objective, aim to deliver robust and sustainable solutions and focus on expediting a return on the investment made.


Training Needs Analysis and Staff Development

Based on analysis of staff competence and corporate objectives we can work with clients to define and deliver tailored and structured training requirements and solutions, using both our own in house training products and where required sourcing and managing the delivery of third party solutions from our partners.


Case Study Example

A team of locally-recruited geoscientists within an IOC were assessed to determine:

  • Technical abilities – self-assessment and short tests on specific subject areas to identify any gaps in skills and knowledge of individuals and the team as a whole
  • Aptitude assessment – speciality tools used to determine suitability of personnel for different roles within the team.
  • Recommendations for further technical and professional skills development training.