2023 NTA Program Update - New Course

We are pleased to introduce a brand new CCS course to our 2023 NTA program.

17th January 2023

N586: The Geoscience of CCS Using Virtual 3D Outcrop Analogues and Virtual Core

A new course given by instructors, Tip Meckel and  Jurriaan Reijs, designed to equip geoscientists and petroleum engineers to explore the most valuable CCS opportunities and define their value more effectively, leveraging applicable best practices from hydrocarbon industry, as well as key lessons learned and pitfalls from CCS projects around the world. Participants will learn to make the observations required to evaluate storage resource leads, including risks, opportunities, and uncertainties.

We have scheduled this course to run twice in 2023, once in May (9 -11) and again in November (7-9).

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