Behaviour of CO2 in reservoirs

Course Summary

The course addresses CO2 as a fluid phase and the key question of CO2 storage efficiency, the equivalent of oil recovery factor. The course will address the rate of CO2 injection and the role reservoir permeability. The all-important issue of the geomechanical effects of CO2 injection and feedbacks between induced mineral dissolution and rock strength and other rock properties will be addressed. The range of possible interaction between CO2 and both aquifer and top-seal will be covered.

Course: EC005


Course Details

Learning outcomes

  1. Gain an appreciation of the question of the injectivity of CO2 and the roles of permeability and aquifer architecture on CO2
  2. Appreciate the types of CO2 injections projects have occurred so far, and the ones that are planned.
  3. Be aware of issues related to reactions between CO2 and saline formation waters
  4. Consider the geomechanical effects of CO2 injection and the implications for top-seal integrity.

Course content

  • Injectivity at CCS sites and controls on permeability in potential CCS reservoirs
  • Relative permeability, formation damage, and history matching for CO2 flow patterns
  • The geomechanical responses to elevated CO2 pressure
  • The risk and rate of mineral precipitation in halite and water salinity, plus CCS in basalt
  • Top-seal properties and stability at CCS sites


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