Nautilus Training Alliance (NTA)

The Nautilus Training Alliance (NTA) is a unique model that enables clients to access a guaranteed programme of high quality training. For over two decades, Alliance membership has remained the most popular route for accessing our training courses thanks to a host of benefits that membership of the NTA provides:


Matching an underwritten programme of courses to the requirements of members delivers confidence when planning individual and group training schedules up to a year in advance.


Get priority access to exclusive courses taught by industry leading experts in both field and classroom settings.


With a variety of options as well as courses spanning numerous subject areas in different settings, members benefit from mixing and matching training to suit their needs.

Exclusive Cost Savings

Significant savings made against list prices. The more training days purchased the more discount received.


Over 600 course titles, with everything from highly advanced courses delivered in the field to contextualised soft skills training in the classroom. Courses scheduled are based on your training needs.

Increased ROI

Through continuing engagement, the portfolio of courses offered, matches immediate training requirements delivering training that returns real value on investment.

In excess of40,000 participant bookings on the NTA since inception.

Over200,000 participant training days delivered via the NTA.

Over98% of participants would recommend the course attended to a colleague.

To find out more about flexible membership options tailored for your organisation, contact us here now.