COVID-19 and RPS training courses

Executive Summary

RPS is generally following the advice of the UK Government, which is consistent with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance in its formulation of response protprotocols with regard to the potential impact of Covid-19 on our scheduled class and field training program as well as bespoke ‘in-house’ courses;
Those protocols are generally described below;

Our responsibility to you:

  • We will monitor closely the ongoing advice and circumstances as they pertain to the locations in which our training is scheduled to take place and communicate any necessary changes or possible changes to plans as they occur.
  • We will endeavour to run our courses, even with low attendance, unless there is demonstrably increased risk of infection in the area. We will, however, review whether a course is feasible if numbers get too low.
  • We will clearly define at the outset of each course, under what circumstances any individual participant should take action to self-isolate following the latest advice;
  • We will issue a daily briefing to all Member Representatives such that should any participant on any course feel the need to self-isolate, both the participants and their companies are briefed on any potentially adverse developments so that they might best follow their own individual company HSE protocols.

Your responsibility to us (and your fellow Member companies):

  • Please ensure that any participant has read, understood and applied the self-screening procedures set out below before setting out to attend a course.
  • Please ensure any participant attending a course is aware of your specific company HSE protocols and requirements in the event of potential exposure, particularly if they differ from the RPS/UK Government response protocols and, in that event, please let us know in advance of the participant’s arrival at the course.
  • Please ensure that the company or individual medical insurance covers the required amounts to cover expenses in the event that self-isolation, testing and, if necessary, treatment in a local facility becomes necessary for any given individual.
  • Please inform us as soon as possible should any company protocols, such as a travel ban, threaten any given individual’s ability to fulfil their booking on the course. Any cancellations will be dealt with in accordance with the advice below.

Advice Status

As a UK-registered company, RPS is following the advice and guidance issued by the UK Government. Currently this advice is structured as follows:

If you have been in contact with someone with coronavirus or have returned from an affected area identified by the Chief Medical Officer as high risk and you are feeling unwell with a cough, difficulty breathing or fever, stay at home and call a local medical service for guidance, for example NHS111 in the UK.

Affected area categories:

Category 1 Countries/Areas: Travellers should self-isolate, even if asymptomatic, and call a local medical service to inform of recent travel. Go home or to your destination and then self-isolate.

Category 2 Countries/Areas: Travellers do not need to undertake any special measures, but if they develop symptoms they should self-isolate and call a local medical service for guidance.

Please refer to the UK Government website for the current affected areas and their categories:

Self-screening procedures for COVID-19 and RPS training courses

For participants of RPS training courses the following advice is based on the country categories that are in place at the time of the start of the course

  1. If a participant has travelled from a Category 1 affected area that person should not attend a classroom or field course.
  2. If a participant has travelled from a Category 2 affected area that person may plan to attend a classroom or field course and follow the UK Government advice and only self-isolate if they develop symptoms prior to or during the course.
  3. If a participant believes they may have been in close contact with somebody who has developed the virus that participant should not attend the course

RPS cannot offer any advice on whether a participant should or should not attend an RPS Training course. Course participants are asked to seek advice from healthcare professionals or follow published official guidance.

Please advise RPS Training if the travel advice issued by their company or by their country of residence differs from the UK Government in a way that may impact on attendance of an RPS Training course.

Course Cancellations

RPS will cancel courses if the UK Government advice is to cancel meetings at any location, if the course is to be held in an affected area or if the RPS staff or tutor involved are travelling from an affected area.

If a course participant or company cancels attendance outside of a cancellation penalty period, the standard cancellation clauses in the contracts for the training will apply;

If a course participant or their company cancels attendance on a course due to company HSE protocols and/or legitimate concerns relating to the Covid-19 virus and is within the cancellation penalty period, the variation to the standard cancellation clauses will apply:

NTA Members

  • Reimburse the NTA Tuition days in full, except for;
  • Manual production fees and any costs relating to the booking that RPS is not able to recover from third parties (e.g. hotel bookings, non-refundable air-fares for instructors and/or attendees if booked by RPS on the company’s behalf, site-access and venue fees etc).

PAYG Participant

  • Reimburse the course fee less an administration fee of 10%, and any costs relating to the booking that RPS is not able to recover from third parties (e.g. hotel bookings, non-refundable air-fares for instructors and/or attendees if booked by RPS on the company’s behalf, site-access and venue fees etc and production fees).

Procedures of illness during a course

If a course participant develops symptoms during a course they should follow current health advice on self-isolation and reporting to authorities.

We also ask the person to inform RPS and the course tutor as soon as possible if they suspect they have symptoms.

RPS will inform other participants on the course and their companies of any information that we receive regarding the health of anyone they have been into contact with who may have contracted the virus.

Changes to advice and procedures as the situation develops

RPS expects to continue to follow UK Government advice: we recommend regular consultation of the Health Authority website (see above).

In the event that RPS decides to follow procedures that differ from the UK Government advice and this changes the procedures and policies as set out in this document, a new guidance document will be issued.

Any decisions to cancel training events will be communicated to participants and their companies as soon as possible.

If a company changes its guidance in a way that affects participant attendance on courses we request that we are informed as soon as possible.