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  • N597a: Managing Subsurface Data and More - OSDU™ Fundamentals

    This course provides participants with awareness level knowledge on fundamental elements of the open-source data platform, data ingestion into it, deployment of it in large organisations, and some use cases for workflow improvements. It also provides insight into future developments around subsurface data and applications.

    Instructor: Jürgen Grötsch

    Virtual classroom | 05-06 April 2023

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    N597 OSDU Fundamentals Opening Slide
  • N006a: An Introduction to Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists

    This course examines the standard reservoir engineering processes and techniques, particularly their interface with geoscience activities.

    Instructor: Mark Cook

    Stavanger, Norway | 24-27 April 2023

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  • N444a: Development Planning For Mature Fields

    This course equips participants with the knowledge and decision-making skills to create a robust development plan for mature fields

    Instructor: Jerry Hadwin

    Stavanger, Norway | 09-11 May 2023

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  • N565a: Carbon Capture and Storage for Geoscientists and Engineers

    The course will establish basics such as how much CCS is needed to make a difference to global warming and explore what types of CO2 injection have already happened including dedicated long-term CCS projects, pilot projects and CO2-enhanced oil recovery projects.

    Instructor: Richard Worden

    Stavanger, Norway | 23-25 May 2023

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