N622 Fundamentals of Natural Gas Marketing, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Perspective

Course Facts

Course Code:
1 days
0.8 Continuing Education Units
8 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


The one-day course will include an overview of natural gas marketing from wellhead to burner tip - discussing natural gas fundamentals, the role of regulation, transportation, pricing and price risk management of natural gas. Discussions will also include an overview of natural gas storage in North America and gas contracting principles.

Duration and Training Method

One classroom day providing .8 CEU (Continuing Education Credits) or 8 PDH (Professional Development Hours)

Participants will learn to

1. Define the changing characteristics of natural gas as it is discovered, developed, produced, processed, transported, delivered and sold to the market.
2. Identify various natural gas supply and demand fundamentals that affect natural gas prices and their interrelationship between each other.
3. Describe the role and importance of the regulator with respect to transportation and tolling within the framework of pipeline tariffs and the exporting and marketing of natural gas.
4. Describe the various modes of natural gas transportation, pipeline development processes, contracting principles and natural gas dispatching procedures. 
5. Identify differences in netback, net-forward and basis differential pricing principles and how they relate to various pricing instruments and the market center concept.
6. Define reasons for hedging natural gas prices and apply the various hedging tools that are used in the process.
7. Apply principles of transportation, pricing and hedging to natural gas contract creation and understand the key contracting provisions within the Gas EDI template contract.
8. Understand the different types of natural gas storage and its importance within the natural gas sales cycle.

Course Agenda
 1.  Fundamentals of Natural Gas
 2. Natural Gas Supply and Demand
 3. Natural Gas Regulation
 4. Natural Gas Transportation
 5. Natural Gas Pricing
 6. Price Risk Management
 7. Price Natural Gas Purchase & Sale Contracts
 8. Natural Gas Storage

Who should attend

Individuals in the oil and gas industry that are new to natural gas marketing or individuals who find themselves interacting with natural gas marketing departments; or for those who just want to broaden their knowledge base and have an interest in learning about natural gas marketing from wellhead to burner tip.

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Thomas Link

Tom is a very knowledgeable instructor, and his years of consulting shine through the course notes and lectures. The course is rather long for a one-day event, but it shouldn't be a problem with a large coffee. If you want to learn more about the finance side of the natural gas industry, this course is for you