N815 Empowering Coaching Skills

Course Facts

Course Code:
2 days
1.6 Continuing Education Units
16 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


Effective coaching is an essential skill for all managers and leaders especially when change has or is about to occur. This course teaches professionals to use a model of coaching that can improve the outcome of any conversation including the more challenging ones. Using these coaching skills will save you time and energy, produce positive changes of behaviour and increase levels of accountability, motivation and performance.

Duration and Training Method

A two-day classroom course. The class uses a combination of presentations, group work, practical exercises, case studies, 180- degree coaching skill survey and role plays to ensure that participants learn and develop the confidence to use the various principles and techniques described. The role plays are audio recorded to maximise the learning experience.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Experience the value and power of effective coaching as part of leadership capabilities.
  2. Apply new coaching skills in a wide variety of everyday situations.
  3. Draw on a bank of powerful questions to use in conversations that build insight, accountability and lead to solutions.
  4. Improve the quantity and quality of feedback given to colleagues, resulting in improved motivation and performance.
  5. Be able to have “difficult conversations” with others that result in positive outcomes.
  6. Establish ways of empowering their people and raising accountability for their actions.
  7. Develop and improve personal performance.

Getting Started

  • Introductions and expectations
  • Objectives, agenda and benefits



  • What is coaching in the context of being a leader?
  • Who do we coach?
  • When do we coach and when do we not coach?
  • Why do we coach?
  • What are the barriers to adopting a coaching style of leadership?
  • Cultural differences and coaching
  • The coaching RADAR: Results, Awareness, Development, Accountability, Relationships

The Performance Curve

  • Exploration of time spent by managers with low, core and high performers
  • What are the emotional factors a manager faces  that may affect behaviour?
  • Dealing with low performers: retain or release them?
  • Coaching “the core” for performance
  • Coaching for retention of your top performers
  • The research that demonstrates the link between a managers coaching skills and performance

Capture your Natural Coaching Style

Using a scripted scenario, participants role-play in groups of three. Use audio recorders to capture  participants' role-plays.

The Coaching Model

  • The history of the Coaching Model
  • The Coaching Model explained
  • Seeing the Skills in action
  • Each participant reviews their own coaching performance and receives feedback based on the model
  • What are the common issues?
  • Each participant practices coaching one of their real life coaching situations using their newly developed coaching skills

180° Coaching Skills Feedback

Participants will learn how to interpret their coaching skills feedback.

The 180 degree coaching skill survey will be available post course, see additional information at the end of this course outline for more detail.

“Breakfast of Champions”

  • Experiential exercise that demonstrates the power of ineffective and effective feedback on performance
  • Giving each other affirmative feedback
  • Johari's Window
  • The emotional bank account
  • Giving each other developmental feedback

Practical Coaching

  • Participants' skills practise
  • Coaching quiz
  • Having “difficult conversations”

Final Coaching Exercise

 One to one coaching exercise based on current real life challenges – including redundancy, low morale, poor performance etc.

Who should attend

This course is designed for all current (or emerging) project leaders, supervisors, managers and team leaders who wish to improve their ability to have more frequent and ‘useful’ conversation with their peers and staff which will result in improved motivation, accountability and performance.

Prerequisites and linking courses

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Andy Beech

Great course. I'm sure I will benefit hugely.