Petrophysics - SP006

Formation Evaluation

Course summary

This course combines learning from the previous course requisites to review the petrophysical model and integrate the various openhole logs into a robust qualitative and quantitative analysis of the subsurface. In combination with the Foundation and ‘Tools’ courses, the overarching objective is to increase familiarity with the language, concepts and tools used in the field of petrophysics and their interpretation.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe how petrophysical logs and other data are integrated to complete a robust analysis through formation evaluation.
  2. Apply understanding of petrophysical log analysis and interpretation to an authentic exercise using real world data.
  3. Able to carry out quality control process on data sets.

Course content

  • The Petrophysical Model
  • Identifying lithology and mineralogy
  • Density-Neutron combination advanced
  • Formation evaluation: integration & averaging
  • Quality control
  • Integrated Exercise


There are two prerequisite courses for this Formation Evaluation course. The Foundation Petrophysics course provided an introduction to principles and concepts which underpin traditional petrophysical analysis. The other prerequisite course depends on your stream of interest: Petrophysical Tools, Geoscience Tools, Reservoir Engineering Tools, or CCS Petrophysical Tools.