Geostatistics - SP010

Introduction to Applied Geostatistics

Course Summary

This course introduces geoscientists, engineers, and data scientists to the applied geostatistical methods that are an essential underpinning of effective modern reservoir characterization and modelling. It covers the practical principles and workflows used in preparation for building subsurface models using geostatistical interpolation and simulation methods. Variograms, kriging, and conditional simulation are explained from their basics and illustrated in their application to reservoir modelling.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate regionalised variables and the role of categorical and continuous variables.
  2. Understand how to manage outliers and sparse data.
  3. Recognise and understand descriptive and predictive statistics.
  4. Apply variograms to Kriging and Conditional Simulation.
  5. Describe the principles of Kriging and summarise geostatistical models.

Course Content

  1. Exploratory Data Analytics

  2. Spatial Modeling Principals

  3. Spatial Analysis & Modeling

  4. Geostatistical Estimation Methods

  5. Conditional Simulation

  6. Common Simulation Methods