CCS - SP007

Introduction to CCS

Course summary

This course will provide participants with awareness and understanding of the subsurface needs of CCS projects. It will establish basics such as how much CCS is needed to make a difference to global warming and explore what types of CO2 injection have already happened including dedicated long-term CCS projects, pilot projects and CO2-enhanced oil recovery projects.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the role of CCS in CO2 emissions-reductions.
  2. Develop awareness of the role of geoscience and reservoir engineering in CCS.
  3. Understand CO2 as a fluid in the subsurface and how it differs from oil, gas and water.

Course content

  • CO2 in the atmosphere and options to cut CO2 emissions
  • Geological CCS, CCS as mitigation strategy
  • CO2-EOR and CCS: fate of CO2 in the subsurface
  • CO2 phase behaviour and properties, CO2 trapping


There are no prerequisites for this course.