Supporting the Local Workforce

The training and development of the local workforce is a priority for National Energy Organisations and Companies as well as their independent international industry partners. RPS supports all parties in realising the potential of these key groups of staff.

Training Needs Analysis

We support National Energy Organisations and Companies alongside their independent international industry partners in realising potential through training and development.

Tailored Training Solutions

In collaboration with government bodies and national energy companies, we create training programmes that develop the skills and knowledge of the local workforce. Programmes can be customised for small groups or company-wide training.

Specialist Skills Development

We define, design and manage a global programme of scheduled courses that delivers specialist skills development training in a variety of subject disciplines. These are developed and taught by instructors from our international network who also have local expertise.

Meeting Training Obligations

Our experience and expert knowledge in meeting local obligations provides bespoke solutions that create shared value for our clients and the local workforce.

Over3,000 NTA courses delivered worldwide

Over600 course titles with constantly refreshing content.

Over98% of participants would recommend the course attended to a colleague.