W007 South America Atlantic Margins Workshop: Current and Future Licensing Rounds in 2018

Course Facts

Course Code:
2 days
1.6 Continuing Education Units
16 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This workshop will focus on the many varied opportunities currently or soon to be offered, along the South American Atlantic Margin. Each portion of the margin will be introduced with a regional overview summarizing the latest knowledge on Atlantic opening history, geology and petroleum systems, and then go on to present detailed evaluations of the basins and blocks on offer in the Brazil 15th Exploration and 4th PSC Rounds; and the Uruguay 3rd license round.  We will also provide highlights of the best of the 137 offshore blocks in the 2018 Brazil Permanently Offered Block Initiative.

Duration and Training Method

A two-day course with over 400 presentation slides that will be provided in hardcopy manual and PDF format, along with a detailed large scale wall map of the South American Margin.

Day 1: Brasil

  • Regional Introduction
  • Latest knowledge on the opening history of the Equatorial and East Brazil Atlantic margins.
  • Basin and block evaluations demonstrating petroleum systems, existing and new plays in the following basins:
    • Para-Maranhão
    • Ceará  
    • Potiguar
    • Sergipe-Alagoas
    • Campos
    • Santos

Day 2: Argentina and Uruguay

  • Regional Introduction
  • Seaward Dipping Reflector Formation
  • Punta del Este – Individual blocks review with relative ranking and explanations
  • Basin and block evaluation demonstrating petroleum systems and existing and new plays in the:
    • Salado
    • Colorado
    • Rawson & Valdes
    • San Jorge
    • San Julian
    • Malvinas
    • Austral
    • Deepwater Atlantic

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Ian Davison