N632 Sour Gas Treating

Course Facts

Course Code:
1 days
0.8 Continuing Education Units
8 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This one-day course is designed for engineers, technologists, plant supervisors, and plant operators wanting to broaden their understanding of sour gas treating.  The session includes a review of the evolution of sour gas sweetening solvents, and the problems associated with the operation of sour gas treating, such as corrosion and foaming.  Design and operational considerations for the process train equipment are presented.  Scavenger methods of treating sour gas are also discussed.  A comprehensive set of notes is provided.

Duration and Training Method

One classroom day providing .8 CEU (Continuing Education Credits) or 8 PDH (Professional Development Hours)

Participants will learn to:

• Describe the typical process equipment in a sweetening train
• Appreciate the function of each piece of equipment in a sweetening train
• Select the appropriate sweetening solvent for a sour gas mixture
• Calculate mole loading of acid gas-to-solvent for a circulation rate
• Select the appropriate operating range for solvent concentration
• Describe the basic process equipment design considerations
• Reduce the potential causes of foaming
• Select scavenger sweetening chemical

Course Agenda

•    Review of types of sulphur-containing compounds in sour natural gas
•    Occurrence of sour gas in the world
•    Typical process equipment in a sweetening train
•    Regenerative chemical sweetening solvents
•    Proprietary solvents
•    Physical solvents
•    Mixed solvents
•    Selective removal of H2S
•    Design considerations for components of sweetening train
•    Types of operating problems and solutions
•    Causes of corrosion
•    Scavenger chemical sweetening process

A case review of solvent change from MEA to DEA to MDEA is presented.

Who should attend

This course is intended for engineers and technologists responsible for the selection and design of sweetening processes and for foremen and operators responsible for plant operations.

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Ed Wichert

Excellent course for learning an overview and the particulars of sour gas treating.