N827 Leading and Developing High Performing Teams in the Oil and Gas Industry

Course Facts

Course Code:
3 days
2.4 Continuing Education Units
24 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


Participants completing this course will develop and improve their ability to achieve greater levels of performance, motivation, and increased commitment in their team. These are all fundamental requirements in leading a high performing team, whether you have close or remote contact with your team.

Duration and Training Method

 A three-day classroom course. This highly practical course provides development and practice opportunities in the skills, behaviours and processes of both leading and building high performing teams. The course uses a combination of presentations, group work, exercises, questionnaires and case studies to ensure delegates have the knowledge to use the tools in their environment.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Understand the characteristics and dynamics that create high performing oil and gas teams.
  2. Appreciate how teams form, evolve, communicate and develop.
  3. Understand different roles that exist in effective teams, how individuals are motivated and how these can affect performance.
  4. Understand how to use the best communication tools and feedback to contribute to team performance.
  5. Learn leadership styles and how to apply these and team working skills regardless of team composition for a more effective business outcome.
  6. Develop implementation strategies to ensure effective team delivery leading to increased business value.

The course examines leadership style in terms of teams so come prepared to share your experiences.

A desire to look at how to do things differently in order to be more effective, lies at the centre of this programme – learning from others, debating issues, questioning your own leadership style as well as the usual group exercises, presentation and case studies makes up this thought provoking course.

What this course is not:

  • Heavy on theory
  • Tutor only input
  • Technically biased with a takeaway manual

Day 1

Leadership Impact

  • Exploring what leaders do, their purpose & responsibility to the team
  • Shadow of a Leader – the unintended consequence of leadership: What I say, measure, prioritise and how I act
  • Motivation – what motivates us in our work?
    • -Motivational Maps – individual reports (pre course online questionnaire)
      -What does this mean for the team I lead?
    1. Transactional vs transformational leadership styles
    2. What leaders have to "put up with" in the oil and gas industry
    3. Trends in virtual Leadership
    4. Action plan

    High Performing Teams: A Systems Overview

    • Team effectiveness and performance metrics and team goals
    • Input and output characteristics
    • Team processes and behaviours
    • Cross industry learning: what can oil & gas teams learn from Formula One, Red Arrows, Olympics and Heathrow
    • Distributed teams: people, purpose and links

    Team Behaviours

    • Examples of team characteristics and their application
    • Understanding the composition of behaviours in high performing teams
    • Personal leadership mastery skills
      • -Advocacy and inquiry
        -Creating a compelling vision
        -Problems, power and authority
    • Action plan

    Day 2

    Developing Team Dynamics and Performance

    • Team dynamics
    • Team effectiveness measurement
    • Tools for enhancing ways of working
      • -Stakeholder management and external team reputation
        -Decision making and problem solving
        -Performance Management: team performance, goal setting, measurement and review, recognition and reward
    • Review and debrief techniques
    • Action plan

    Communication Health Check

    • Formal communication lines vs informal
    • How does your communication land?
    • Perceptual Positions
    • What is appropriate in O&G industry? What are the challenges?
    • Communications audit of tools available their uses
    • Assertiveness
    • Influence and persuasion: Ciadilni 6 Steps, your circle of influence     
    • Action Plan

    Day 3

    Exercise: Teams in Action

    • Group exercise using the "Plan-Do-Review-Learn" cycle
    • Debrief against the High Performing teams systems model
    • Lessons that can be taken back to the workplace

    Participants will be split into 2 groups and complete a case study applying the tools and skills learned on day one & two to the challenges presented. The background of the case study will provide the ‘generic’ industry and organisation they work in, the market trends, the culture and leadership, bios of their team members and some of the issues they face. During the scenario each group will have to work up solutions to a range of problems (plan) and then apply these (do) in a series of group exercises, telephone calls, email exchanges, teleconferences, meetings etc. They will get real time responses to the approach taken and this will be followed by a review of learning (review) between the groups so as to share and embed the learning (learn). This approach is based on the Kolb learning cycle of learning: plan - do - review - learn.

    Making Your New Learnings Stick

    • Action Plan and Learning Clinic


    Who should attend

    All current or emerging managers and leaders who work on O&G projects with a team. It is also extremely valuable for those who move between teams, work with other leadership teams from their own business, supply chain, contractors, Human Resources etc.

    Prerequisites and linking courses

    There will be an online Motivational Map diagnostic to complete prior to the course.  

    Please also think through the following:

    • Your current leadership challenges with your team?
    • What are your expectations from the programme?
    • What do you want to do differently in the future?

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    Louise Hemming