D631 Introduction to Centrifugal, Reciprocating and Rotary Pumps - Design, Application and Operation

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  • 1 Nov. 2021
  • 2 Nov. 2021
  • 3 Nov. 2021
  • 4 Nov. 2021
Half-day sessions, starting in the mornings or afternoons for the Americas. Any variation to this will be communicated in advance.
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4 sessions
John Henderson
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2 days
Virtual Classroom
1.6 Continuing Education Units
16 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This two-day course provides an introduction to the design, application and operation of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps. It emphasizes practical understanding, design guidelines and "rules of thumb" with a minimum of mathematics. It covers application and sizing, system design, basic theory and operation, different types of pumps, pump components, pump auxiliaries, pump selection and specification.  A digital course specific textbook is also provided.

Duration and Training Method

A virtual classroom course divided into 4 webinar sessions, comprising lectures, discussion, case studies, and practical exercises to be completed by participants during and between sessions.

Participants will learn to:
• Understand all aspects of the pump industry. Introductory but technical level course with no required prerequisites.
• Develop an understanding of the different types of pumps used in industrial applications.
• Learn the art of selecting the right pump for the right service.
• Understand basic system design, cavitation, NPSH and pump theory.
• Learn about pump components and options and what to use where.
• Understand pump curves and selection charts.
• Explanation of different type of drive systems and how to select the optimum configuration.
• Discuss predictive maintenance techniques.
• Discuss major items to consider when purchasing pumps.

Session One: Centrifugal Pump Design Considerations
• Basic Pump Hydraulics
• How Pumps Work
• Selection and Sizing
• NPSH and Cavitation
• Suction Specific Speed
• Pump Curve Selection Workshop

Session Two: Centrifugal Pump Components and Use
• Pump Components
• Mechanical Seal Design and Selection
• Bearing Types and when to use them
• Flushing and Cooling Plans
• Different Pump Types and when to use them
• Pump Materials and when to use.

Session Three: Positive Displacement Pump Types and Use
• Reciprocating Pumps
 -Design and Components
        -Different types and when to use them
        - Reciprocating Pump Selection Workshop
        - NPSH and Cavitation
        - Material Options and when to use them
• Rotary Pumps
        -Design and Components
        -Different types and when to use them
        - Pump Selection
        - NPSH and Cavitation
• Gear Pumps
-Different types and when to use them
       -Triple Screw
       -Double Screw
       -Progressive Cavity
-Design and Components
       - Pump Selection
       - NPSH and Cavitation

Session Four: Pump Driver Selection, Maintenance and Purchasing
• Pump Couplings & Drive Arrangements
• Pump Driver Sizing and Selection
• Installed Pumps Slide Show
• Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Pumps
• How to Specify and Procure Large Industrial Pumps


Who should attend

This course is technical but introductory in nature and covers all aspects of the pump industry.  It provides specific technical training for Engineers, Technologists, Millwrights, and Operations personnel involved in the design, operation, maintenance or purchase of pumps and pumping systems.  It also provides an excellent overview/refresher/general technical training course suitable for Project Engineers, Managers, Procurement Specialists, Technical Sales staff and students

John Henderson

John Henderson is an independent Engineering consultant in Calgary, Alberta with over 40 years of specialized experience. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the design, application, operation and troubleshooting of Rotating Equipment. He has worked for Owners, Engineering Contractors and Manufactures, has Operations and Maintenance experience in a world class petrochemical facility, is a founding member of the Calgary Pump Symposium, was an invited API 612 Committee member and enjoys the occasional round of golf.

Affiliations & Accreditation
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with minor in Metallurgy from Carleton University with High Distinction
Professional Engineer registered with APEGA in Alberta
Owner of JP Henderson Technical Services Ltd. APEGA Permit to Practice P11940.
Founding and Current Member Calgary Pump Symposium
Invited API 612 Committee Member
Published author in Pumps and Systems publication
Guest Presenter at 13th Houston Pump Symposium

Courses Taught
Introduction to Centrifugal, Reciprocating and Rotary Pumps - Design, Application and Operation



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