D651 Industrial Gas Turbine Fundamentals

Course Facts

Course Code:
1 days
Virtual Classroom
0.8 Continuing Education Units
8 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This one day virtual course provides an introduction to Industrial Gas Turbines. The design, application and operation of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps. It is presented in an online format over two consecutive mornings.  It emphasizes practical understanding, design guidelines and "rules of thumb" with a minimum of mathematics. It covers development, application and sizing, system design, basic theory and operation, different types of pumps, pump components, pump auxiliaries, pump selection and specification.

Duration and Training Method

A virtual classroom divided into 2 three-hour webinar sessions over two days (equivalent to a one-day classroom course) comprising lectures and interactive discussions..

CEU: 0.8 Continuing Education Units and PDH: 8 Professional Development Hours

Participants will learn to:

• Understand the development history and operating challenges with Industrial Gas Turbine Industry
• Understand Gas Turbine components, assembly, critical support systems and major problem areas.
• Develop an understanding of the different types of Industrial Gas Turbines; Frame. Aeroderivative and Modular.
• Learn about the differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each type, the differences in Maintenance philosophies and when to use each type.
• Understand the unique issues and challenges when specifying and purchasing Industrial Gas Turbines.
• Learn about the emission reduction options that are aviaible for Industrial Gas Turbines
• Understand the current state and available offerings provided by Industry.
• Discuss Mechanical Drives, Cogeneration, Combined Cycle and Emergency Applications for Industrial Gas Turbines.

Session One:
1. Operating Principles
2. Development of Gas Turbines
3. Gas Turbine Components and Support Systems
4. Industrial Gas Turbine Types
a. Frame Gas Turbines
    i.   Development
    ii.   Advantages and Disadvantages
    iii.  Maintenance
    iv.   When to use

Session Two:
b. Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
    i.  Development
    ii.  Advantages and Disadvantages
    iii. Maintenance
    iv.  When to use
c. Modular Gas turbines
    i.  Development
    ii.  Advantages and Disadvantages
    iii. Maintenance
    iv.  When to use
5. Gas Turbine Sizing and Procurement
6. Gas Turbine Fuels and Emission Reduction Technologies
7. Industrial Gas Turbine Market Today
8. Combined cycle Applications

Who should attend

This course covers all aspects of the Industrial Gas Turbine industry. It provides specific technical training for Engineers, Technologists, Millwrights, and Operations personnel involved in the design, operation, maintenance or procurement of non-aircraft Gas Turbine systems. It also provides an excellent overview/refresher/general technical training course suitable for Project Engineers, Managers, Procurement Specialists, Technical Sales staff and students.

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John Henderson

Dates for this Course



6 Jul. 2021
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CAD $850 (Exclusive of tax)