N834 Communication Skills: Improve Personal and Team Performance

Course Facts

Course Code:
1 days
0.8 Continuing Education Units
8 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This course will improve the effectiveness and productivity of individuals and teams by developing their communications skills. Participants will understand their own communication preferences and be able to identify the preference of others. These skills will be further developed to enable you to choose when and how to adapt your behaviour with others to improve communication outcomes.

Participants will learn the process of change and the impact this has on our behaviour and communication. You will use your knowledge of communication skills to improve your ability to manage change both personally and within your team. This will result in improved team work, effective problem solving and faster conflict resolution.

Duration and Training Method

*1-2 days (see additional information section for more details). The course is highly practical and uses a combination of facilitation, coaching, learning exercises, delegate examples and discussion sessions to ensure that participants develop the competence and confidence to use the principles and techniques demonstrated on the course.

Participants will learn to: 

  1. Understand their own behaviour and how this affects performance at work.
  2. Identify the behaviour preference of others.
  3. Recognise and value the individual contributors to the team.
  4. See things from another perspective and value diversity.
  5. Use a common language to resolve issues and improve communication outcomes.
  6. Know the process of change and the impact this has on our behaviour and communication.

A typical workshop will include the following, however, each course will be developed in line with your specific needs and objectives. This means that the course duration can vary from 1-2 days depending on what is required and how much time is needed to practise the skills developed. 

  • Introduction to the communication model. What it is and what it isn’t. The concept of preference. The history, adjectives and behaviour. Key criteria and preferences. Identifying your preference.
  • Introduction to the online report and team wheel. Explanation of the content and various charts in the report. Reflection time to read the report and then discussion with a partner about the impact of the report in terms of personal and team development. Review of the team wheel and the implications for the team of the mix of personalities within it.
  • The preferred ways of communicating.  Dos and Don’ts of communicating with others.
  • Adapting and Connecting: identifying preferences and connecting with others who have a different preferences to us. My 'difficult person/scenario'- strategies and solutions.
  • Understanding the process of change and the impact this has on our behaviour and communication. What we know vs. what we assume about others. How we can use this knowledge of change and understanding of communication preferences to support others through the change process quickly and effectively.
  • Action planning. Each participant plans and reports back on how they will continue their personal development which will positively impact on team performance. Well-formed objectives will be set and assessed at an agreed time with you line manager. This can be used as part of an individual’s development plan.

Who should attend

Teams (including cross functional project teams) who wish to develop their ability to communicate more effectively with others to improve team dynamics, motivation and performance. This course is suitable and adaptable for all levels of teams irrespective of level within the organisation.

Prerequisites and linking courses

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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Sarah Farmer