D852 Boost Productivity and Motivation in a Remote Workplace

Course Facts

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1 days
Virtual Classroom
0.8 Continuing Education Units
8 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


This course has been designed to be delivered as a short but impactful learning experience across two webinar sessions providing Energy Industry professionals with the tools, skills and mindset to strengthen resilience, become more adaptable and remain confident whilst working in their remote workspace.

We will provide participants with powerful mental tools and techniques so they can maintain their wellbeing, become more resilient and remain productive. The tools help participants to re-energise themselves and enable them to respond positively to setbacks and change. Participants will gain clarity on their personal and work goals which creates energy and action. Participants will learn to create new mental thinking habits that will drive self-motivation within a remote setting.

For most people this has been a period of massive change, uncertainty and upheaval in all aspects of our lives. Never before have we been required to be as resilient, adaptable and confident in order to thrive.

Duration and Training Method

A virtual course divided into 2 three-hour sessions (equivalent to a one-day classroom course), which combines presentations, group discussion and practical exercises.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Have a measure of their current levels of resilience and understand the 7 pillars that make up resilience
  2. Identify what can erode their resilience and take the practical steps to increase their resilience when required to do so
  3. Have awareness of their inner voice and use this as an agent for positive change.
  4. Respond effectively to new tasks that are a stretch
  5. Have clear, energising goals that form personal purpose
  6. Master thinking and emotional control and become experts at mental rehearsal
  7. Develop a set of success habits that ensure wellbeing is maintained

Pre-Session Activities

  • Participants complete self-assessment of their score on the 7 Pillars of Resilience. They will also be asked to notice when they experience unwanted or unhelpful feelings, what are they and what triggered them.

Session 1 (3 hours)

  • The 7 Pillars of Resilience – How strong are yours and what’s missing?
  • The 'pull me pull you'. We move from pain and towards pleasure, but which voice is louder?
  • The neuroscience and chemistry behind pain and pleasure
  • We are driven by feelings and emotions. Even the most logical of us. Awareness is everything
  • How we respond to new tasks that are a stretch
  • Three actions to make the pillars stronger
    • Set Goals and habits, thinking & emotional control, mental rehearsal
  • Practice the three actions
  • Personal Action Plan

Personal Action Plan

  • Participants complete their “Take Five AM and Take Five PM” everyday. These involve taking a few minutes at either end of every day, answering some structured questions.

Session 2 (3 hours)

  • Share feedback
  • Situational self leadership and adapting to change
  • The confidence cycle
  • What other resources do we have
  • Re-score the 7 Pillars

Who should attend

This short course is designed for all Energy Industry professionals who wish to increase their professional and personal effectiveness both individually and as part of a team.

Prerequisites and linking courses

There are no prerequisites for this course.



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Andy Beech

Dates for this Course



14 Oct. 2021
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GBP £715 (Exclusive of tax)