N823 Beyond PowerPoint: Advanced Presentation Skills

Course Facts

Course Code:
2 days
1.6 Continuing Education Units
16 Professional Development Hours
Certificate Issued Upon Completion


On this course you will learn how to build rapport with an audience and bring your presentations to life without the use of PowerPoint. The programme focuses on advancing your presentation, communication and facilitation skills to ensure you are equipped to captivate your audience with inspiring presentations. Attendees will learn an effective model that will show them how to engage their audiences across a range of contexts and scenarios, independent of software and content.

Duration and Training Method

A two-day classroom course, set in an informal and interactive environment to ensure that participants learn and develop the confidence to use the various principles and techniques being taught. Video will be used to capture the presentations in order to maximise the learning experience. The tutor will provide individual and confidential feedback during and immediately after the course completion.

Participants will:

  1. Learn and be able to apply the model.
  2. Be confident to build rapport with any size audience.
  3. Learn how to inspire an audience.
  4. Be highly motivated and confident to present successfully to any size or type of audience.

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • The 3 Presenter Styles
  • Delegate Video Filming & 1st Benchmarking
  • Understanding Audiences
  • Rapport
  • Gestures
  • Body Language

Day 2:

  • Delegate Video Reminders
  • Voice and Language
  • Power Stories and Humour
  • World Class Presenter Skills
  • Delegate Presentations & 2nd Benchmarking
  • Delegate Video Filming
  • One to One Coaching - 3rd Beyond Powerpoint Benchmarking

Additional Information:

Sarah Farmer has been accredited to run this course by Chris Cummins who coaches Leaders around the globe to be World Class Presenters. Chris is also a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Business Coach and Co - author of POWER PRESENTER!

''PowerPoint has consumed the best years of too many young lives, the goal is to make people pay attention to the speaker, not stare at the screen.''- David Silverman

''Several hundred million copies of Microsoft PowerPoint are churning out trillions of slides each year. Very few of these slides actually communicate ideas to an audience. Such misuse ignores the most important rule of speaking: Respect your audience.''- Edward Tufte

Who should attend

This is an Advanced Presentation Skills Course suitable for anyone wishing to develop their current skill set and enable them to present in more challenging contexts.

Prerequisites and linking courses

Previous presenting experience is essential as it will be assumed that the basics are understood. You will be asked to come prepared with a presentation to work on during the course. Full details will be provided. Please note, this course can be applied to presentations from all technical and non technical disciplines.

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Sarah Farmer

I have worked in this industry for 20+ years and this is the first time I have had presentation training. I wish I had done it much earlier!