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RPS delivers field, classroom and online courses focusing on core skills development and current challenges facing the Energy industry. Courses are delivered by instructors recognised as leading subject matter experts in their field, including industry leaders, professors and distinguished lecturers.

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Course spotlight - new for 2022

ESG 23

N546a: TCFD [Task Force on Climate-related Disclosure] Oil and Gas Reporting

This interactive course will highlight the key steps to achieve TCFD compliance and keep your organisation's reporting on track.

Virtual classroom: 04 May 2022


N548a: Reservoir Modelling for Storage

This course will summarise the unique issues when modelling for storage. Participants will learn to consider fluid properties, heterogeneity, geomechanics, seismic monitoring, and scale when carrying out reservoir modelling for storage.

Virtual classroom: 9-13 May 2022

Outcrop Interp

N530a: Shore to Shelf Edge Depositional Systems (Virtual Outcrops)

Participants on this course will develop a good understanding of shelf and shallow marine systems within a sequence stratigraphic framework for both clastic and mixed carbonate-clastic systems.

Virtual classroom: 13-17 June 2022

CCUS Facility

N549a: Subsurface Characterization, Screening and Site Selection for Geologic CO2 Storage Sites

This course empowers attendees to develop and apply their skills to the growing industry of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage.

Virtual classroom: 28-30 June 2022


N555a: Transforming 60-years of CO2-EOR Experience into Shale Oil Recovery and CO2 Sequestration

This course provides clear, concise and practical information for understanding and implementing the CO2 enhanced oil recovery into unconventional reservoirs.

Virtual classroom:  19-28 July 2022

M142 2010

N544a: Source to Sink: Provenance, Sediment Routing and Reservoir Characterisation (Southern Pyrenees)

This course is designed to address the fundamentals of shelf sedimentology within a time stratigraphic framework. In addition to ‘classic’ lowstand, transgressive, and highstand systems, we will also review transgressive highstand deposits and the influence of current and tidal reworking of shelf clastics.

Field class: 19-23 September 2022

3D Model

N556a: Building the Structural Framework for a Reservoir Model

The central themes of this workshop are the construction of robust structural models, the development of an understanding and appreciation of the uncertainties within them, and how these impact the resultant reservoir model.

Virtual classroom: 17-21 October 2022

Shore Shelf Cretaceous Utah (1)

N542a: Multi-scale Characterisation of Fluvial Systems (Virtual Outcrops)

Participants will develop a good understanding of fluvial systems and will be able to create predictive models for the distribution and characterisation of fluvial reservoirs.

Virtual classroom: 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2022

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Delivered virtually, in the field and in the classroom

The NTA Program is designed for current challenges and scheduled with a blend of different delivery modes. 

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Virtual classroom

Virtual instructor led courses timetabled to provide a globally accessible program.

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In the field

Field courses in US, UK, Ireland, Spain and France are scheduled in Q2 through Q4 2022

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In the classroom

Classroom courses including core workshops and workstation based courses.

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